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Q. I had silicone injected and am not having any symptoms? Should I have surgery to have it removed?

A. We currently do not operate on asymptomatic patients as the surgeries are very involved and require an extensive recovery. We do however recommend you consult with us to learn about early signs and symptoms that will likely occur one day and what things to avoid doing.

Q. What are the options for removing the silicone? Is liposuction a good idea?

A. Surgical excision is the only recommended method for partial removal of silicone. Liposuction is NOT recommended and will likely worsen your symptoms and cause the silicone to move down your legs and ankles.

Q. What percentage of silicone can you remove?

A. We routinely remove over 80% of the silicone based on MRI results. It is impossible to remove all of it. Fortunately, you don’t need to remove all of it for your symptoms to resolve

Q. Can I get a BBL after silicone removal surgery?

A. Possibly. This depends on how one heals and whether one develops seromas post-operatively.

Q. How long is the recovery after silicone removal surgery?

A. Typically if you do well the recovery is 6 weeks. If you have complications then the recovery can be much longer.

Q. Do you leave drains and how long?

A. Yes we leave many drains and they typically remain in for 4-6 weeks

Q. What are common complications of silicone removal surgery?

A. The most common complications are seromas (buildup of fluid) and small wound breakdowns.

Q. How much does it cost for the surgery?

A. We only operate on patients who are sick or have significant symptoms so we go through insurance. Call the office for details. Costs vary depending on patients insurance plans and allowances.

Q. How will my buttocks look after surgery?

A. This varies by individual, the extent of their disease, whether their skin and tissues are soft and healthy, how many sessions of silicone injection one has, the age of the patient, skin quality, and closeness of the silicone to the skin. Most patients come out with a pleasing cosmetic outcome since a buttlift is part of the operations.

Q. Should I exercise to help my body get rid of the silicone?

A. Any high impact exercise is not recommended since it causes migration of silicone down the legs and up the back. Yoga and Pilates are fine.

Q. My lower back really hurts. Is this related to my butt shots?

A. Almost certainly, yes it is. The silicone migrates to the back and puts pressure on the spine causing severe back pain. If your surgeon makes an incision within your buttocks they are missing the most important part of the operation which is to remove the foreign material from the back.

Q. How long after silicone injections do patients start to get sick and have symptoms?

A. This varies. We have seen patients with problems days to weeks after their butt shots and as far out as 25 years. We believe that all buttock silicone injection patients will have problems at some point in their lives.

Q. I live out of state. How long do I have to stay near you?

A. We have offices in NYC and Beverly Hills. We recommend surgical patients stay in the vicinity of our offices for approximately 4 weeks.

Q. How soon after surgery will I start to feel better?

A. Amazingly, most patients have resolution of most of their symptoms the first day after their surgery.