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Silicone injections also known as “butt shots” are an increasing problem in the USA as well as the world.

This illegal practice will undoubtedly lead to a health epidemic in the near future. There is no formal training in medical school regarding silicone injections and the sequalea of health problems associated with it. Patients who have undergone illegal silicone injections are often misdiagnosed by their physicians or not forthcoming with their doctors about the silicone injections they have received. Thus, these silicone injection patients often suffer for months and years and often and told that they must just live with it and that there is no cure. Fortunately, Dr. Tansar Mir and his team have successfully treated and performed hundreds of operations on patients who have undergone illegal buttock injections with silicone and other foreign material. Dr. Mir understands that your illness from the illegal buttock silicone injections can lead to systemic medical problems that other doctors wouldn’t normally associate with silicone injections. We are glad to report that Dr. Mir and his team have been able to cure dozens of patients of not only their incapacitating local symptoms of buttock pain, burning and itching, but also their back pain, recurrent infections, numbness and paresthesias of their legs and hands, breathing problems, cough, memory loss, constipation and many other autoimmune like symptoms.

Surgical approach

Dr. Mir has pioneered staged and unique surgical protocol based on his on his vast experience and large volume of treated patients for SAFE and effective removal of foreign materials such as liquid silicone, hydrogel, PMMA, methylmethacrylate, “Hyaluronic Acid” that has been successfully performed over a hundred times in the past five years. Dr. Mir has successfully removed silicone and other foreign materials from the buttocks, back, groins, abdomen, legs, calves, chest as well as the face. Most patients who have received silicone injections to their buttocks need at least two surgeries to remove a significant amount of the foreign material. Based on post-operative MRI’s, Dr. Mir often removes 80-90 percent of the silicone that was illegally injected into people’s buttocks and bodies. Dr. Mir not only removes the silicone from the buttocks but he also removes it from the lower back, which is the most symptomatic area in terms of pain. After appropriate healing and softening of the scars, most patients are candidates for further, smaller secondary operations such as scar revisions, lifts and fat transfer, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Media: Watch Videos of Dr. Mir Perform Butt Reconstruction

Our team

Dr. Tansar Mir leads a renowned team of doctors who successfully treat silicone injections into the buttocks and other parts of the body. In addition to other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who assist Dr. Mir with his surgeries, Dr. Mir has his patients worked up and evaluated for ASIA syndrome by an Allergist & Immunologist, works with a Psychiatrist to assist in the stress of dealing with peri-surgical anxiety and emotions, an internist who medically clears and optimizes patients prior to undergoing surgery, a pain management team to alleviate pre-operative pain as well as minimize post-operative pain as well as expert cardiologists and pulmonologists when necessary.


Dr. Mir’s research is being utilized by the Food and Drug Administration for ongoing studies in an attempt to increase public awareness of the ill toward effects of silicone buttock injections as well as trying to bring the illegal injectors of silicone and other foreign material into the buttocks and other body parts to justice.